10/02/2021 2:00pm                   Europe/London
Internal Audits
How to run an internal audit
Are you looking for guidance on how to run an effective, efficient and useful internal audit for your business?

Join our free webinar on Wednesday 10th February at 2:00pm and you can get all the information you need to plan, carry out and record an internal audit.

From creating an audit schedule and putting together an audit team to writing up your results, this comprehensive webinar will cover all essential aspects of running a successful internal audit. It will also give you a great opportunity to ask our expert consultant any questions.

Keep a look out for our other webinars too! Our schedule includes webinars on non-conformities and business continuity to help you build best practice within your business.
Internal Audit Best Practice Explained
The webinar will be chaired by Robert Crosby, one of our experienced consultants.

Robert has a background in the diverse industries of manufacturing, transport and IT which has given Rob a thorough knowledge of what is needed to create valuable information security and business continuity management systems.

In his previous roles he has worked as a Lead Auditor and utilised his IT skills to develop a range of management systems for organisations across the UK, including a leading manufacturer and major transport company.